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Prima Homes are experts in designing custom luxury narrow lot homes and homes for difficult or sloping blocks.

When custom designing a luxury home on a narrow tight block there are many factors to consider.

Orientation and elevation of the block, the positioning of the rooms and courtyards are the key to creating a passive house design that functions as if you lived in a home that was surrounded by space.

At Prima Homes, we focus on you and your lifestyle spending the time required to crack the puzzle on how to position rooms and spaces inside and outside the home. This important design time will provide as much natural light as possible into the home. Not only does this make a custom narrow lot home comfortable to live in, it provides a luxurious sense of space that changes the feel of the home from narrow and skinny, to light, bright and most importantly a liveable home.

Why not take advantage of the climate in Perth while designing your home! Hot and dry in summer, but we have the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ winds that kick in to provide relief in the afternoon. It’s also important to capture our warm winter sun to overcome the cool nights.

Do you have a large block that can be sub-divided down the middle to create two blocks of land? There are no limitations to Prima Homes designing a luxury boutique custom narrow lot home. Some people might use the word townhouse to describe these house designs. We don’t, we beautifully design homes filled with functional spaces.

Generally, the need for two storey custom homes are required, however, Prima Homes have successfully designed single storey homes to suit blocks up to 10m wide. At Prima Homes, we have designed a luxury two-storey narrow lot home with a block size of 200 square meters and an 8m wide frontage. Carefully placed lightwells, courtyards, high ceilings and windows meant no area in the house went untouched with natural light. A distinctive uncovered courtyard positioned uniquely within the roof space provides privacy and the ability to entertain in the late afternoon and evening.

Three storey narrow lot homes are also becoming more prevalent on blocks with sloping sites and more difficult elevations. Create a cost-effective undercover garage and cellar and build 2 storeys above without the design constraint of a garage taking up space. A clever example is our past custom luxury display home in Como epitomising a narrow lot boutique luxury home.

Narrow blocks with rear laneway access mean Prima Homes can design and construct homes with a rear garage. A perfect sample of a rear garage to laneway access is our past custom display home in Claremont.

A combination of our talented design and architect team with our passion for providing cost-effective designs means we are Perth’s best design and construct team for custom narrow lot homes. We will think outside the box when selecting the materials and type of construction. It doesn’t need to be double brick. We can use concrete and framing effectively eliminating the need for wet trades. This can provide quick construction, reducing the cost of scaffolding and multiple trades to create one structure. Careful selection of materials can mean a luxury feel. It might be attractive industrial cladding, gorgeous timber cladding, raw modern concrete look features.

Narrow lots with expansive designs

A narrow lot is no limitation when it comes to designing expansive interior spaces. We will maximize the usable space in your new home with a design that meets your needs, creating a space that feels vast on your narrow or sloping block.


Multi-storey experts

Prima Homes are Perth's expert multi-storey luxury home builders with vast experience designing homes for narrow and sloping blocks. Let our experience be your guide in creating a functional multi-storey home on your tricky block.

Using limitations to your advantage

Good design is all about taking the limitations presented and creating a home that uses them to your advantage. Using clever designs we will include the space you desire regardless of the limitations your block provides.

Unique living

Our narrow lot homes are individually designed to meet your needs and match your lifestyle. Our highly skilled builders will craft bespoke fixtures and fittings to ensure your dream home is a truly unique one of a kind masterpiece.

Reflect your style

Because we create truly unique custom luxury homes we are able to create a narrow lot home that reflects your style. Whether you desire an ultra-contemporary, minimalist, industrial or traditional style we can design and build a home to match.

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